Features In Focus – My Planner

Features In Focus – My Planner
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Event Radar – Issue 11

In this issue of our blog series we will take a closer look at one of our features – the planner. As in last week’s post, this one also supports the participants in their app usage. In contrast to deep links, the planner can also be used freely by the user himself. This saves you further effort in content management.


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The Personalized Agenda

The main goal of the planner is to create a better overview and clarity. This is achieved by means of a self-created agenda. Users can add a lecture or workshop to their planner directly within agenda detail. This way, users can create a kind of personal mini agenda. This is ideal for larger and more extensive events. It’s also particularly suitable, if you have planned many different workshops or programs.

In addition to individual customization, you can also assign agenda items to the planner of specific groups in advance. This way, you ensure that mandatory events, for example, are not overlooked. Participants are also still able to adjust their planner themselves.

Reminders are also an important function, which synergizes perfectly with the planner. These are also found in the agenda detail and can be set to ensure that no agenda item is overlooked. When activated, the user is asked to set a timer which sends a push message 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes before the start of the agenda item. This way your participants not only get a useful overview, but also never miss a moment of the event.


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