Hybrid Events

The Event Live On Site & Digitally Via App

Hybrid events allow you to combine the impressive splendor of classic live events with the multitude of digital information and interaction possibilities which an app can offer. Enrich your events with a variety of state-of-the-art technologies.

Inform your participants with content that helps to learn more about your event or find their way around better. Deliver interactive content that can be integrated with elements of your live event to complement your live event.

Use hybrid events to display your event simultaneously within one app. Record presentations simultaneously as a stream and allow users to watch them again later. This is especially useful in case of incidents or unplanned changes.

Hybrid events provide organizers and participants with a high degree of flexibility. This makes it possible for your guests to participate, for example, even if they cannot be on site at the time of the event.

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hybride events - digital community

Digital Communities

Use the features of hybrid events for the follow-up of your event. Present highlights and summarize your event vividly at the same time. Thus, you enable another point of contact with your guests and at the same time remind them of a great experience.

But it does not have to end with a pure summary. Create digital communities and stay in touch with your participants afterwards. For example, get feedback on past events or suggestions for future endeavors.

In this context we are currently experiencing the extension of events over a longer period of time. This means that an event is no longer a one-day event, but takes place over a period of several weeks, and short sessions are repeatedly realized.

Keep your users up to date and inform them about further offers of your company or other interesting topics. Make full use of the effort you put into your event and create your own digital communities!

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