The Advantages of the Corporate Event App at a Glance

Use MEA for your next company event and promote active interaction among the participants. This app can handle a broad spectrum of events for your company including: classic management meetings, customer roadshows, HR meetings, training seminars and supplier open houses. It already has all of the required features. Best of all, your company will only need one Corporate Mobile App from plazz AG to accomplish this.
All Advantages at a Glance:

Invite employees to download the Multi-event App once and they will be approved for other events that use the company’s app.

Motivate event participants using interactive lectures, inspirational videos and informative files.

Your employees and partners will always have access to one central source for information.

Use the Quiz and Gamification features to reinforce the team dynamic and motivate participants to interact more.

Take advantage of MEA as a platform for interdisciplinary networking and team development.

Increase the attention factor using interactive discussions, surveys and voting.

Simplify making contact and arranging appointments for participants and event organizers.

Continue the exchange of knowledge and communication about the event using the app.

Popular Features for Corporate Events

Voting responses


Documents & Files




Additional Areas of Use