Sports Teams

Advantages of the Team Organization App at a Glance

Keep your team members informed about the most recent events using push messages.

Present hash tags for teams and team pages on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter using the Social Wall feature.

Distribute general or individual travel and training schedules using the Team app.

Individualized white label implementation and adaptation of interfaces to your custom needs.

Increase team motivation using a selfie challenge in combination with the Wall of Ideas and Gamification features, for example.

Provide your app quickly and inexpensively thanks to the module construction kit system (< 5 years of development > 1,000 events)

Popular Features of Team Communication

Social Wall

Push Messages

My Planner

Custom Pages

Wall of Ideas


Events per Season

Agenda Points per Race

User per Race

Use Case: Mercedes AMG Motorsport Team

Sports and athletics are characterized by a certain periodic repetition more than any other discipline, whether it be through a series of games or of races or national and international tournaments.

The overall processes frequently repeat. It is as if digital solutions were created for the purpose of organizing such events more quickly, more efficiently and more personalized.

Mercedes Daimler perceived these advantages as early as mid-2015, when they decided to use the Mobile Event App to organize races for the DTM Motorsport Team.

The DTM AMG App from Plazz AG is being used by closed group of users of up to 250 people per race. The app notifies these users about all relevant event information. The users primarily use the app to communicate with each other (using the Chat and Push Message features), in addition to displaying the travel and course plans, logistics, a list of hotels and catering options. The multimedia features, like the image gallery and the Wall of Ideas feedback channel, are also used.

A designated team member, who personally controls the app content in the CMS system, manages all of this.


Use Case: The Telekom Golf Tournament

German Telekom relied on an event app for the multi-game Telekom Golf Tournament 2017. This tournament, which is distributed across various regions and results in a final match, was designed for major customers and the company’s partners.

The Mobile Event App has been used to communicate actively with them before, during and after the tournament in a targeted manner using multimedia. In addition to notify participants using push messages, general information about travel directions, accommodations, charity events and weather was distributed using the app. In addition to displaying the list of winners, a Wall of Ideas for posting selfies was setup, providing an image gallery for the events and integrated with the event sponsors.

Push Messages

Gallery Images

Wall of Ideas Postings

Additional Areas of Use