Business Clubs

The Advantages of the Business Club App at a Glance

Parties, associations and business clubs have been faced with the challenge of using digital media to connect their members. Using the Mobile Event App software-as-a-service offer, networking organizations can rely on an already existing application based on the construction kit technique, which has achieved a mature phase of development, with little capital investment. Mobile devices can be used to interact and communicate with participants and guests.

Use the app to display the application for admission and lists of members.

Provide notification of the annual meeting, travel directions and dress code.

Use the surveys and pin walls for voting and getting feedback.

Simplify the organization of members and reach them using their personal devices, such as smart phones.

Use the app to provide files, images and video clips.

Increase the communication among the members using the Chat feature.

Popular Features for Clubs and Associations



Push Messages

Custom Pages

Voting responses

Documents & Files

Additional Areas of Use