Mobile Apps for conferences, meetings and seminars

The Advantages of the Conference App at a Glance

Provide important information to app users before the event, such as travel directions, location, agenda, a list of speakers and much more.

Increase the personal interaction between the participants, lecturers, exhibitors & event organizers using the Chat feature and tag matching.

As an event organizer, you can organize several events using one app and have the best options for evaluating events by using the Analysis Tool to make continuous improvements.

Increase the quality of the lectures by interactively integrating auditoriums with the Live Voting, Live Questions and Wall of Ideas features.

Increase the quality of the lectures by interactively integrating auditoriums with the Live Voting, Live Questions and Wall of Ideas features.

Refinance the app by integrating partners and sponsors and turn your app into a profit center.

The Features most used for Meetings




Voting responses

Wall of Ideas

Points of Interest

SpoBis 2017 App

Active App Users

Chat Messages


Use Case: the European Sport Business Conferences

Modern conferences are not only brought to life by good structure, smooth organization and lectures with added value. Integrating participants into the event is a mandatory requirement these days. Digital tools naturally provide the best opportunities for accomplishing this.

The Mobile Event App not only provides a transparent, simple list of the agenda items, but also helps participants to network among themselves in an unrestricted manner using features like voting, matchmaking, favorites and chatting privately.

MEA has been used at the Sport Business Conference as a multi-event app solution from plazz AG for two years. The app for the largest athletic business conference in Europe provides many forms of support for the conference and gives both event organizers and participants a number of advantages.

Our Voting feature has proven very popular for determining the audience’s mood and showing it live on stage, especially with the very important key note speeches. Using the integrated chatting feature, hundreds of users can exchange information privately and directly with each other about the events at the conference and more.

Handelsblatt Fachmedien App

My Planner Entries

Reviews of Lectures

Saved Handouts

Use Case: Multi-event App for the Handelsblatt Technical Journal Conference

As a publishing company, Handelsblatt publishes thousands of informative magazines every week that appeal greatly to the economic sector. Furthermore, Handelsblatt technical journals have also initiated dozens of events in the fields of law & taxation, management and financing & supervision.

For all of these conferences, the Handelsblatt publishing group has relied on the Multi-event App solution from plazz AG. The special result of this has been a year-round event that serves as an overview for all of the participants and notifies them about opportunities to register for events. Guest access to new users has also allowed users to register in advance for any conferences without requiring an account.

The high level of flexibility in built into the Multi-event App has provided the event organizer with the ability to create a custom event in the application in just a few days and populating it with content or allowing it to be populated in coordination with  plazz AG. The Handelsblatt publishing group has used the app intensively for gathering public surveys and providing files digitally so that they are ready for access by the participants.

Additional Areas of Use