This is how the Event App works

We won't leave you out in the rain. You will be introduced in detail to the functionality of the CMS and the app, personally by your account manager.

Schedule your event using the App in just a few steps.

Your individualized Mobile Event App will gradually be created through collaboration with the customer support managers. Once you have chosen one of our App Variants and issued the order, we will contact you personally in order to discuss the phases of development. Customer support will be available to you by email or telephone during the period that you are using the app.

01 Kick-off Event

We will work with you on the features for your app and clarify important issues, like the start of the project and scheduling.

02 Start of the Project

We will create your Web app and the associated content management system based on the data that you initially provide to us.

03 CMS Training

As part of our remote training system, your customer representative will show you the back-end server for your app, so that you can process your content for yourself. We will be at your side as a consultant.

04 Completing the Content

After the training seminar, you will be able to maintain the app content. We will make the content settings for the content service chosen.

05 Publication

Depending on the option chosen, your app will be published through Google Playstore and iTunes (using your company’s own developer account or as a container solution) or using an internal download page.

06 Notify Participants

Invite participants for your event or members of a community to use the app.