Virtual Events

Advantages Of Virtual Events At A Glance

Go 100% digital technologies and organize your event virtually within an app! Create a gathering platform for all participants and offer them an unforgettable experience, regardless of where they access the event. The integration of live streams and numerous interaction possibilities will inform your guests and at the same time enable them to exchange information with each other. Find out more about how the Mobile Event App and our team can take your projects to the next level!

Since the planning of matters such as location or catering is no longer needed, virtual events can be implemented much faster.

Save enormous amounts of money by eliminating cost factors like the printing of publications and their distribution.

All participants of your events use the app, which dramatically increases your reach. This leads to a significantly higher response rate.

A digital event is independent of local or global developments. This gives you maximum flexibility and security.

Gather data and metrics as they arise and evaluate them in real time to always have a clear overview.

Integrate live streams of different sessions and thus always offer relevant and at the same time illustrative content.

Popular Features For Virtual Events

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Design Of A Virtual Event

The app dashboard is the entry point and hub for your virtual event. Coupled with a fold-out menu, which accompanies participants throughout the entire app, they will always find what they need.

This includes, for example, agenda, surveys, virtual maps and show floors, documents, videos and many other elements.

Create your own custom pages on a wide variety of topics, for even more in-depth customization. There, subjects are explained in more detail and accompanied by descriptive videos or pictures. You can also refer to other content or surveys inside the app with links.

To get a better impression, we recommend checking out our web app demo. Simply enter as a guest and select the “Virtual Experience Hub” as your event.

virtual events dashboard

Virtual Media & Interactions

Easily integrate dynamic content such as live streams or webcasts. Store finished streams as a VOD (video on demand) so that participants can still access them afterwards.

In addition to VODs, you can also add already prepared content like images, videos or texts to inform users in more detail.

A virtual event is of course more than just a streaming platform. Interact with your participants via polls or comments. Create quizzes or help contacts to find each other via matchmaking. Your virtual event is flexible and can be dynamically adapted to your needs.

Updates regarding the event can be addressed to all participants or only to specific groups. Send out push messages, news or make a post on a virtual bulletin board. In addition, you can link the respective content and allow your participants easy and direct access.

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Live Streaming & Videos

Integrate video signals within your app, in the form of live streams. These streams are broadcasted directly within the app and are not accessible from outside. Thus, we guarantee you the highest security and reliability. This integration of live streams is ideal for internal communication or for sensitive data such as quarterly reports or study results.

Streams can be recorded via cameras, webcams, screen recordings or even a smartphone. Whether this is done via a professional studio, a laptop, a browser app or an online meeting is up to you.

virtual events video streams

Hybrid Events

Another form of integrating virtual events is by extension to physical events. Merge the real and digital world to create hybrid events!

Hold presentations within the location and share them simultaneously in the app, via a live stream. This is a perfect alternative, especially for participants who for various reasons cannot attend the event in person.

Should unplanned developments occur, the virtual event provides you with a kind of backup so that you can react quickly, since your entire event is also available within the app.

That way you avoid having to cancel or postpone your event. This offers you a maximum degree of security and flexibility.

virtuelle events hybride events

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