Release 2.66

Release 2.66
Mobile Event App Team

What’s New In Version 2.66

The 2.66 release of the MEA focuses on live streaming and video conferencing. The biggest innovation is the theater mode, which has now been added. Additionally, improvements and changes have been made to the interactive sidebar.


Theater Mode Implementation

The Theater mode is, as with other video platforms, a kind of hybrid middle ground. It combines the image area of the full screen mode with the interactivity of the sidebar. Users thus have a better view of the video and can simultaneously act in the chat, participate in live votings or ask questions. The theater mode is activated via a button below the video. If users want to focus on the video, they can either switch directly to full-screen mode or collapse the sidebar with a button.

theater modus hybride event app


Interactive Sidebar Improvements

The so called „feed“ over which users are able to chat with each other has now been renamed into “chat”. All users, including guests and invisible users, are able to to participate in the session chat. This is especially beneficial for events with guest access or people who have turned off the 1-on-1 chat feature. For security reasons the automatic conversion of links has been disabled for guests.

If a user scrolls up in the chat to see previous messages, an arrow appears at the bottom. Clicking this button will cause the chat to jump back to the latest status and update itself again automatically.

Indicators for new content have been added to the interactive sidebar of the agenda detail. New content, such as a survey that has not yet been participated in, is marked with a blue dot as not yet viewed.

The chat and the Wall of Ideas can now be integrated simultaneously. Previously, the linked Wall of Ideas of an agenda item was used as a session chat. These two features can now be used separately.


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