MEA Update 2.69

MEA Update 2.69
Mobile Event App Team
MEA Update 2.69

New in MEA Update 2.69

Update 2.69 of MEA introduces new options for event managers in terms of live streams to allow more control over their own events.


Session Chat & Live Stream Participants

With the introduction of update 2.69, agenda items with session chat will be extended to include the option of whether anonymous users can participate in the chat or whether they are prevented from doing so. Previously, all users, whether visible or invisible, could communicate in the chat. In the CMS, the organizer now has the option to allow only logged-in people to chat or also to allow anonymous users to do so.

For more control over the presented content, the display of the number of live stream participants can be shown or hidden. This configuration is set in the respective agenda item of the live stream via a checkbox.


Expansion Of MEA Tracking

With update 2.69, significant progress has been made in terms of tracking. Even though the new tracking feature is still in the final stages of development and will be released in a later update, we would like to share some initial information about it already.

Under the future menu item “Tracking”, general metrics on user behavior will be collected and clearly presented. Examples are calls to the agenda item, questions asked or session messages. This information will be collected per agenda item and can be used for further processing via a personalized Excel export.

We will share more information about tracking in future updates when it will be officially integrated.


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