Release 2.29

Release 2.29
Mobile Event App Team

What’s new in version 2.29

Registration of participants with registr

Together with the release of the participant registration tool registr, Release 2.29 comes with many innovations regarding the content management system shared by the Mobile Event App and registr.

With registr, a guest management platform was created that allows to draw up events, send out invitations and manage participants’ registrations. In the new CMS version, registr‘s administration interface is now integrated so that both, registr and MEA, can be managed in the same backend.

In the future, the event app will not only be administered here as usual, but functions for registration will also be available. For example, participants can be divided into groups (e.g. guests, speakers, exhibitors, etc.) in advance in order to send them individual invitations for the event. Furthermore, by creating event-related questionnaires, important information can be entered in advance and taken into account in further event planning.

Verwaltung der Teilnehmerregistrierungen im CMS

New menu in the CMS

Another new feature concerns the CMS menu: Instead of the permanently displayed left menu bar, which has just taken up a lot of space and clarity on small monitors, the new menu is now located at the top of the page and can be called up by click or mouseover.

Both the new position and the possibility to extend the menu as well as the highlighting of active categories are a further step towards an even clearer menu and thus a faster navigation within the CMS. It is no longer necessary to expand one category after the next to find the desired page – a single click or hover is sufficient to view the entire menu of the respective area. For this purpose, the individual CMS views were sorted into groups.

Thanks to the integrated breadcrumb navigation, it is also possible to see at a glance where you are in the CMS.

Neue Menü-Oberfläche im CMS