Investor Days Thuringia 2021

Investor Days Thuringia 2021
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Investor Days Thüringen 2021

Investor Days – Boost your Dealflow!

Technological innovations not only lead to new products and services, but also promote a wide range of opportunities for investors. After all, modern technologies are groundbreaking, and not just in business. In the best case, they should simplify life. That’s why it’s hard to imagine everyday life without Google, Amazon, or Facebook.

But which technologies can they be? This question will be answered at the Investor Days Thuringia! For several years, the IDT event has been one of Germany’s largest stages for start-ups, tech-growth companies, venture capitalists and SMEs. And plazz AG is proud to be a long-standing partner of Investor Days Thuringia!


Investor Days Thuringia

The Investor Days Thuringia are an initiative of the Foundation for Technology, Innovation and Research Thuringia (STIFT) and beteiligungsmanagement thüringen gmbh (bm|t). They have been held for several days for several years. At this event, more than 600 players of the innovation ecosystem come together. Start-ups and tech-growth companies pitch their latest technologies and innovative business models there to generate the best deal flow.

The highlight of the event is the presentation of the Pitch Award for the best innovation concepts. The Investor Days Thuringia offer the best framework to connect start-ups and their business ideas with potential investors or business angels.

Investor Days Thüringen

Investor Days Thuringia 2021: Set Up in the Erfurt Multifunction Arena

6th edition of the Investor Days Thuringia

On June 15 and 16, 2021, the Investor Days Thuringia took place under the motto “Boost your Dealflow”. The event attracted international attention. Thus, the more than 60 exhibitors came from all over the world: DACH, New Zealand, Israel, Italy, South Africa, Uruguay and many more. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the event took place completely virtually. The livestream was produced in the multifunctional arena of the Steigerwaldstadion in Erfurt. In the mobile event app provided by plazz AG, all companies were depicted in virtual show floors, with their own virtual booths.

The entire innovation spectrum was represented by sponsors, such as Ernst & Young, or start-ups from areas such as AI solutions, 3D, robotics, green solutions, cyber security, smart farming, medical technology and many more. The audience could network with the founders via video talks, 1:1 meetings or chats, where there was a lively exchange. Therefore, one could not only get to know the innovations better, but also the founders themselves.

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Honor to whom honor is due

In addition to the networking opportunities, the big highlight of the virtual event was the presentation of the Pitch Award. Through live voting, investors voted on which startups had the most compelling innovation. The audience also had the opportunity to choose a winner via the live voting tool. In the end, four companies were awarded prizes.

We at plazz AG also congratulate all prize winners:

  1. Polytives GmbH from Jena
  2. Peeriot AG from Nobitz
  3. janova GmbH from Jena
  4. AI-UI from Ilmenau (audience award)

Save the Date 2022

The Investor Days Thuringia will take place next year on June 14 and 15 – and our anticipation for this event is very high! We are excited to see which innovative ideas will be pitched by ambitious start-ups next year. What will be certain is that plazz AG is ready to support next year’s event with the comprehensive event platform!

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