Digital Spring Cleaning

Digital Spring Cleaning
Mobile Event App Team

Event Radar – Issue 5

Speaking of digitalization, it is especially easy to generate a mass of data, with just a few clicks. Without a system in place, this can quickly lead to disorganization. This is turn will impede productivity and can potentially tie up whole workflows. You can avoid all of this with a digital spring cleaning!


Keeping Order & The Mobile Event App

To give a concrete example, we will take a look at the Mobile Event App and its handling of user accounts. The multi event feature enables you to have multiple events within the same app. But this can potentially lead to duplicates.

To avoid, that some participants have different accounts for every event, app managers should regularly check, if an e-mail address has been assigned multiple times and communicate this to their event managers. In the global area, which is managing the profiles of all events within the customer instance, we have implemented a filter (doubled e-mail addresses) for exactly this reason.


You could avoid duplicates by using e-mail addresses as usernames. But both variants have their merit. To offer our customers a flexible system, we have implemented functions to enable both variants and keep order at the same time.

Avoid possible problems and support your project course by putting a digital spring cleaning on your agenda!

Also take a look at our homepage and find out more about the Mobile Event App and all its useful features!