Successful hybrid events – thanks to the Check-In function of the MEA App

Successful hybrid events – thanks to the Check-In function of the MEA App
Mobile Event App Team

For many event organizers, access control and accreditation at their hybrid events represent a challenge that cannot be ignored – even in times before Corona. Without IT support, this quickly leads to long queues and long waiting times. Thanks to our smart Check-In solution, these challenges are a thing of the past. In addition, the entry is completely contactless, and self-service based.  

 In the video, our employee Berra Eksen shows you a real customer event – In this case with over 1,300 hybrid event participants. All tools of the plazz All-In-One event solution were used for this event. This included the check-in function, which ensures the tracking of contacts through daily check-ins. 


Check-In Procedure 

Thanks to the contactless plazz Check-In solution, accreditation for live participants is convenient, contactless and secure. Participants only scan their QR code from the event app at the entrance and receive their personal badge from the printer. With their badge, they can then participate in the lectures and workshops. Participation can also be recorded via the check-in app.   

 During their entire event, participants are accompanied by the MEA (Mobile Event App). The event app has over 40 functions and guides participants through as their digital assistant. The focus is on the flow of information, interaction and communication with the participants. 


Advantages of our Check-In solution 

 The plazz event solution has been on the market since 2013 and is used, among others, by 15 DAX corporations. Thanks to this experience, our intuitive CMS, i.e. the back stage area of the solutions represents one of our secrets of success. The CMS offers the possibility to analyze and export all information about the event in real time. Through this analysis function, the peaks of the Check-In can be identified. Ensuring the best possible coordination of resources for the following days.  The Check-In solution shows at a glance the number of guests present. From which No-Show-Rates can be derived.  


 Thanks to the plazz all-in-one event solution, you can offer your participants versatile and successful events – even in times of contact tracking and remote events. We have invested in our existing solution for our customers. Thanks to this investment, our solution was further developed into a virtual or hybrid event platform. Thus, we offer our customers the highest planning security, no matter what the situation is. Long story short: With us any event format is possible! 


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