Saving event costs with an app

Saving event costs with an app
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While event organizers are constantly looking for ways to create unique experiences, they also face the challenge of monitoring and minimizing costs. This is where event apps offer an innovative solution that not only saves time and resources, but also improves the event experience for attendees. In our blog post, we explore how event apps can help you effectively reduce costs, increase attendee engagement and optimize the flow of your events.

We invite you to dive into the world of event apps with us to discover how these digital tools can sustainably improve the way we organize events.

Table of contents

  1. Cost management in the planning and implementation of events
  2. Traditional cost traps at events
  3. What is an event app?
  4. How event apps help to reduce costs
  5. Qualitative advantages of event apps
  6. Requirements for event apps
  7. Tips for event planning
  8. Conclusion
  9. Additional resources


Cost management in the planning and implementation of eventss

Good cost management not only ensures that the budget is adhered to, but also that every investment brings maximum value. Strategic management of event costs paves the way for an event that will be remembered – through careful budgeting and an agile response to spontaneous challenges.

Beyond the financial aspect, it strengthens trust in the organizers and promotes long-term business relationships. In short: cost management is crucial for success and long-term impact in the event business.


Traditional cost traps at events

When planning an event, there are often cost traps that can quickly exceed the budget. Some classic points are:

Printing and shipping costs
Physical promotional materials, programs and invitations can be expensive, especially for last-minute changes.

Technical equipment
Hiring audio and video equipment is often expensive and sometimes expensive packages with unnecessary extras are booked.

Unforeseen numbers of guests can lead to over or under catering, resulting in waste or extra costs.

Overtime and additional staff for registration and support can put a strain on the budget.

Exclusive locations or flexible dates often require high investments.

Cancellation risks
Cancellations or changes to speakers, artists or suppliers can lead to high cancellation fees.

By identifying and managing these risks at an early stage, event organizers can prevent them and control costs more effectively. However, some of these points can be indirectly or even directly counteracted by an event app. It is therefore possible not only to eliminate another risk factor, but also to reap benefits at the same time. You can find out what these are and how this is achieved in the following sections.


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What is an Event App?

Um zu verstehen wie Event Apps Kosten einsparen können ist es ratsam zu verstehen, was es damit auf sich hat. An event app is a mostly mobile application specifically designed to simplify and improve the event planning process and experience. Sie fungiert als digitale Plattform, die nicht nur den Teilnehmern, sondern auch den Veranstaltern und Ausstellern dient. Zu den Kernfunktionen einer Event-App gehören:

Interactive programs
Participants can create their personalized event plan and receive real-time updates on sessions and speaker changes.

Networking features
Event Apps bieten Messaging-Funktionen und ermöglichen es den Teilnehmern, sich zu vernetzen und Meetings zu planen.

Digitale ticketing und registration
They simplify the check-in process with QR codes and mobile tickets, reducing the need for physical materials and staff.

Sponsors- and exhibitor information
Digital stands and sponsor profiles offer participants easy access to company information.

Feedback and surveys
Real-time feedback from participants via the app enables organizers to monitor and improve event quality.

Analysis and reports
Event apps collect valuable data on participant behavior and interactions that can be used for future events.

These functions are designed to improve the event experience, facilitate communication and optimize event management. Und natürlich, um Eventkosten zu sparen. Darauf gehen wir nun im folgenden Abschnitt ein.

How event apps help to reduce costs

Introducing an event app is a smart move to reduce costs in event planning and execution. These digital helpers bridge the gap between efficient management and cost-effectiveness. With this in mind, we will look at both direct and indirect savings that can be realized through the use of event apps. It should be noted that the benefits of event apps are not only quantitative, but also particularly qualitative.


Direct cost savings through event apps

Go paperless
Switching to an event app eliminates the need for printed promotional material and programs. Not only does this significantly reduce printing and mailing costs, but it also helps protect the environment. Attendees can access information in real time on their mobile devices, which also improves the user experience.

Automation of registration and ticket management
Event apps allow attendees to register and manage their tickets independently, reducing the need for extensive front desk staff and ticket printing. In addition, automation reduces sources of error and improves data quality for event management.

Dynamic agenda updates
Changes to the program are not uncommon at events. An event app allows the agenda to be updated quickly and free of charge. This not only saves the costs of reprinting information material, but also the associated operational difficulties.

Reduction in no-shows
Apps allow for easier communication of reminders and updates. It is therefore possible to reduce your no-show rate, as event apps increase the willingness to participate.

Better forecast catering and other resources
By querying content such as the selection at the buffet or general willingness to participate, you receive valuable information about the utilization of your resources. This not only allows you to provide the exact quantity, but also to avoid costs caused by misjudgements.

Refinancing through sponsorship
Event apps offer a variety of refinancing opportunities through sponsorship. Sponsors are looking for value and visibility, and an event app can provide both. By assigning them dedicated areas within the app, such as sponsored sessions, interactive polls or virtual exhibition stands, they can engage directly with attendees. This added value can encourage sponsors to cover part of the costs.


Indirect cost savings through event apps

In addition to the obvious direct cost savings, event apps also enable significant indirect financial benefits that have a long-term impact:

Improved data analysis for future planning
Event apps collect valuable data about attendee preferences and behavior. By analyzing this data, event organizers can plan future events more accurately and allocate resources more effectively, leading to a reduction in costs. For example, analyzing attendee feedback can reveal which topics or speakers were particularly well received so that future programs can be even more targeted.

Increase attendee satisfaction and retention
A user-friendly event app can significantly increase attendee satisfaction. Satisfied attendees are more likely to share their positive experiences, leading to effective word of mouth. This reduces the need and therefore the cost of marketing and advertising, as attendees themselves become ambassadors for the event.

Efficient resource allocation through real-time feedback
Real-time feedback via an event app allows organizers to adjust the allocation of resources during the event. If certain sessions attract more interest than expected, rooms or staff can be reorganized at short notice to avoid overcrowding and improve the attendee experience. This flexibility leads to a more efficient use of resources and avoids overinvestment in areas that are not in high demand.


Indirect savings are often harder to quantify than direct savings, but they are crucial for the sustainable cost efficiency and long-term success of events. Event apps are therefore a valuable tool, not only to reduce current costs, but also to create a solid foundation for future growth.


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Qualitative advantages of event apps

Event apps aren’t just useful for saving costs – they increase event quality in ways that are hard to quantify. By personalizing the experience for each attendee, they foster a sense of belonging and activity. Direct communication through the app creates a dynamic environment where feedback can be realized immediately, enhancing the event experience and delighting attendees. Für Sponsoren bieten Event-Apps innovative Plattformen, um sichtbarer und interaktiver zu werden. All diese Elemente zusammengenommen bauen nicht nur ein starkes Event auf, sondern stärken auch die Markenbindung und schaffen eine Community, die über das eigentliche Event hinausgeht.


Requirements for event apps

Choosing the right event app is crucial to the success of an event. Flexibility and reliability are particularly important. Organizers should also be able to adjust all settings during live operation. An open platform that enables the integration of tools such as MS Teams or Zoom for smaller breakout sessions is also advantageous.

Event apps should also be multifunctional, enable individual branding and be usable on different devices. Additional functions such as multilingualism, document integration, interactive modules for Q&A and surveys, as well as extended analysis functions are also an advantage.

Of course, topics such as data protection compliance in accordance with the GDPR and flexible pricing models should not be neglected either.


Tips for event planning

Careful event planning is the be-all and end-all for successful events. It starts with the clear definition of event objectives to ensure that all activities are geared towards achieving these goals. Analyzing your target audience helps to create an event that is tailored to the needs and interests of the participants. A well-thought-out budget protects against financial surprises and supports the smooth running of the event. As already mentioned, event apps are one way of keeping costs under control. Not to forget targeted promotion, the use of digital tools for participant engagement and the implementation of security concepts. All of these aspects together contribute to an outstanding and memorable event. In our blog post Event planning made easy, we not only cover these topics in detail, but also offer you a helpful checklist to download.



We’ve looked at the transformative power of event apps in saving costs and increasing the efficiency of events. From direct savings such as printing costs to indirect benefits such as improved data analytics and increased attendee engagement, event apps offer a comprehensive range of features that facilitate and enrich modern events. To conclude and summarize, we encourage you to consider using an event app for your next event. This decision can not only significantly reduce costs, but also improve the quality and experience of your event in the long term.


Additional resources

We would also like to provide you with information on events that will help you to make progress outside of cost management. For example, our article on networking tips & ideas, in which we offer 10 suggestions to make networking at your events even more successful!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. As event experts, we are always on hand with help and advice!