Allianz Sports 2022 Event App Use Case

Allianz Sports 2022 Event App Use Case
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For the second year in a row, we supported Allianz for their internal Allianz Sports 2022 event with the Mobile Event App. Read our use case article to learn more about this outstanding sports event and how our event platform played a role in it.


About Allianz Sports

The Allianz Sports Event has been held every 4 years since 1990. In the spirit of the Olympic Games, Allianz employees from all over the world come together to take on the numerous competitive disciplines and strive for gold.

With different venues, Allianz Sports 2022 this time invited about 1,300 athletes to Barcelona from July 15 to 17. The various competitions were held in three locations within Barcelona. Shuttle busses were available for the transport. There were 14 disciplines in total, which were divided into several sub-disciplines for age groups and genders. The competition took place in individual disciplines such as chess or golf, but also in team disciplines such as soccer and basketball.


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The Allianz Sports 2022 in Barcelona

After arriving at the location, the athletes were provided with various welcome goodies. These included sunscreen, a cap and buttons with the Allianz Sports 2022 logo. On site, digital signage (large monitors in portrait format) was available at many points to share information about the event, the medal table and more. If you were lucky, you also ran into the Allianz Sports mascot Ali.

In addition to traditional ceremonies at the opening and closing of Allianz Sports 2022, the winners of the competitions were awarded medals, just like at the Olympics, while the anthem of their country played in the background. All in all, Allianz put a lot of thought into Allianz Sports 2022 and not only realized a well thought-out concept, but at the same time put on an impressive corporate sports event that is second to none.


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The Allianz Sports 2022 Event App

An event as large as Allianz Sports 2022 clearly benefits from a solution to get a better overview and obtain information quickly and easily. An event app is ideal for precisely this purpose. With our Mobile Event App, we provided Allianz with a digital app for all 1,300 participants of the sports event.

Within the Allianz Sports 2022 Event App, users could thus find out exactly which competition was taking place when and where, for example, via the event agenda. The individual agenda items could be easily sorted into categories. Separate pages provided details about the hotel, the various venues and other useful content.

One of the ways in which communication took place was via our Wall of Ideas. Group chats were available for over 20 country groups. This meant that Allianz athletes could easily exchange information with each other. Information about the start of the individual disciplines was sent to the participants 15 minutes beforehand via push message. In addition, the event team also communicated short-term changes in the times of events or on other topics via push message.

However, the heart of the Allianz Sports 2022 Event App was plazz AG’s specially developed web module. In this, participants found the competition schedules, the medal table and much more information in an appealing and clear design. Via the back-end in this module, the results of the individual competition rounds were recorded and transmitted to the front-end.


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Support of Allianz Sports 2022

In terms of preparation and realization, Allianz Sports 2022 was a complex project. Even in the run-up to the event, there was close cooperation between the Allianz event team and plazz AG. Our customer support took care of the content input and the adaptation of the app. The development team programmed the web module for the appealing front-end and the back-end, for entering the results. The design team was responsible for the visual and conceptual components and ensured that the Allianz Sports 2022 event app not only met the CI requirements of Allianz, but also presented the event itself in an impressive way.

For the time during the event, we were available to Allianz with an on-site service team. Our colleague Miriam, from the design team, and Christopher, from development, traveled to Barcelona and took care of a variety of different issues on site. In addition to the coverage for possible technical difficulties, they supported the Allianz team with a cross-check of the data or maintenance of the digital signage. In addition, they were competently supported by our team in Germany. With this hybrid support format, we were able to provide optimal on-site and remote support for Allianz Sports 2022 and successfully accompany the entire event.

We are proud to have supported Allianz Sports again with our solution and are already looking forward to the next Allianz Sports event!