MEA Version 2.81

MEA Version 2.81
Mobile Event App Team
MEA Update 2.81

Latest update of the Mobile Event App – Version 2.81

With MEA version 2.81, we are bringing exciting new features and improvements that will make your experience with our app even more enjoyable and efficient. Our goal is always to provide you with the best tools for planning and organising your events, and this update is another step in that direction.

In this update, we have focussed in particular on expanding the interaction options and analysis tools. From improved rating systems in the agenda to more detailed tracking options for your event pages – in MEA version 2.81 we have optimised numerous functions to meet your requirements even better.


Improved star rating in the agenda

In the agenda of our app, you already had the option of rating programme items of an event using a star system. MEA version 2.81 goes one step further: the average rating of a programme item is now displayed directly and is updated immediately each time a new rating is submitted. This gives you an even better overview of the response to the individual programme items. You can also set in the Content Management System (CMS) whether this average rating should be displayed by default or not. This gives you more control over the presentation of the event content.


Tracking your own pages

The organisers among you will be interested in tracking their own pages in the event app. Every time customised pages are accessed in MEA version 2.81 for your event, this is now recorded and can be viewed in the analytics. This also includes the playback of video elements, such as your own video files or YouTube links, on these pages. Particularly noteworthy is the new separate tile in the CMS under “Analytics”, which provides a detailed overview of all the statistics for your own pages. You can also download user-specific analyses as an Excel file for more in-depth analysis. This enables precise tracking of interactions on your event pages and helps you to customise your content even better to your audience.

MEA CMS Analytics - Tracking custom pages and video elements

MEA CMS Analytics – Tracking custom pages and video elements

Deeplinks to public events in the MEA webapp

Another new feature that we are delighted to present to you in MEA version 2.81 is the introduction of deeplinks for public events in our MEA Webapp. If you would like to invite customers to your public event or direct them to the event’s media centre to download certain files, you can now do this easily via a generated deep link. This function simplifies the accessibility of your events and ensures a smooth user experience.


Visibility filter for events in the CMS

We have introduced a new visibility filter to improve the organisation and overview of your event projects in the CMS. This filter offers you the options “All”, “Visible” and “Invisible” to manage your events more efficiently. The “Visible” tab is displayed by default, giving you quick access to current projects. In the “All” and “Invisible” tabs, you will find a list of all your event projects and past events.

Visibility filter for events in the CMS

Visibility filter for events in the CMS


Are you planning an event? Then our mobile event app could be just the thing for you! Thanks to the extremely high degree of customisation, every event can be presented in an appealing way. Content and features are targeted and controlled via user groups. As an event platform, several events can be realised simultaneously, over a few days or even long-term as a community solution.

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